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Rainbow Loom - Loomi-Pals Mini Combo

Rainbow Loom

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  • Introducing Loomi-Pal charms, the captivating collectibles sold in randomized packages. Each package offers a delightful surprise, as not every charm is included, and duplicates may appear. Accessorize your bracelets with adorable Loomi-Pals™ charms featuring 5 collectible themes: Zoo, Food, Dino, Party, and Fairy. Collect, bedazzle, and share your Loomi-Pals™ bracelets with your friends! With over 150 characters, which Loomi-Pals will you find?

    This Kit Includes

    • 2,100 Rubber Bands
    • 1 Happy Loom
    • 60 Loomi-Pal Character Charms (Random Assortment)
    • 150 G-clips
    • Carrying Case

    Item: R0093