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Handscraft - DIY Miniature House Kit - Childhood Toy House


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Inspired by a colorful room of toys, Childhood Toy House displays an adorable and personal collection of toys. Forget your worries and enjoy a warm and wonderful time full of play and fun. With warm pink and ivory as the main colors, with blue as an accent, it's perfect for both boys and girls. Let these cute dolls and toys relive the fun and wonders of childhood.

[CUTE TOYS] Relive your childhood with adorable reminders of your childhood bedroom, full of fun and cute toys you played with growing up. You're never too old to have fun like you're a kid again.

[EASY ASSEMBLY] Everything you need to make this miniature is included in the kit. Its small size makes it the perfect kit for those just starting their journey into miniatures.

Age 14+
Item: DS027