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Wild Republic - Polka Dot Unicorn Huggers Slap Bracelet

Wild Republic

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The Huggers Unicorn Stuffed Animal Slap Bracelet by Wild Republic will hug wrists, cups, bed posts, backpack straps, and anything else it can get its arms around! Hugging is kind of its thing. You don't even have to ask. Just squeeze it around the middle or lightly slap it on the intended hug target and boom, it's hugging. It's a very easy and fun concept. Your plush unicorn slap bracelet makes a great accessory on your arm but it will also hang out wherever you decide to slap it. It can hug a phone, a remote control, or anything else that might be best kept in loving arms. With excellent coloring and a seven inch long body, this unicorn slap bracelet can also perform any task a regular stuffed animal might. It can cuddle, just slap those arms closed first! Everybody loves a good hug and everybody loves the Huggers Unicorn Stuffed Animal Slap Bracelet!

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